maanantai 20. helmikuuta 2017

Vallila's Ysiviis matress

Hello fellows! I dislike icehockey, so my Sims needed ice hockey themed matresses. Orginal texture is by Vallila and for single bed you will need the mesh from here: Bonus: single bed mattress with max stats (Download mesh)  and for double bed this: (Download double bed mesh)
Both beds comes in two colors and have max stats. Hope you hate them as much as I:D

(okey, the picture is F- this time, but taking pictures is not my hobby:D)

Download single matress here and double from here

  Have a happy day (or night!)
Hilbert (I like comments, eventhought my English is even poorer than my pictures, I read it quite well:D)

(suomikommat edelleen tervetulleita:3)

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